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Classicism Essay

  • Submitted by: christcos
  • on November 3, 2010
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Classicism refers to the civilization of antiquity from Ancient Greece and Rome. In Classical era, it believed in thought and reason. Meanwhile, Romanticism derives from ‘romance’ – associated with imaginative literature and the free play of imagination. Its successor, Neo-Romanticism refers to the untimliness of music in which the spirit of romanticism continues to live on in a positive age. Each of these three eras shares parallel and distinctive traits that had philosophical and cultural changes, which impacted musical styles and innovations.
      Classicism, Romanticism, and Neo-Romanticism share similarities with one another. An aspect that all of them shared were the musical compositions from the Classical era. Composers from the romantic and neo-romantic era accepted what originated from the classical era such as symphonies and concertos. As time went by, the idea began to expand and progress to achieve its aesthetic goal; however, all shared the same foundation. Furthermore, all kept the same basic rules of music. For instance, rhythm, melody, harmony, and performance practice to name a few. The structure of piece (ternary form, rounded binary, rondo form) were seen in all three periods.
      The differences between each of the three were the difference between individual and society, views of nature and the relationship of what is real and what was imaginative. Romanticism emerged as a response to Classicism, who understood the world through reason and thought. Romantists began to be preoccupied with nature and turning what was rational to imaginative - searching for individual identity and attention to national identity. Classicism believed that imagination could not be explained by rationality or by reason. In other words, classical era could be seen as the noesis, while the Romantic era is the aisthesis –who used intuition to gain knowledge without the use of reason. In the case of music styles, classical compositions such as symphony and concerto...

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