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Clay Vs Jackson Essay

  • Submitted by: jonreed
  • on November 15, 2010
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A strong country, a growing industry, and making a good living is what voters in the 1830’s would care about when voting for a President. There were two choices. Andrew Jackson who had already served in office and was well known with the trouble that happened in the Nullification Crisis, and who had constantly opposed the Bank of the US, or Henry Clay who introduced the American System that showed voters the priorities important to them, that would make their country stronger and would help industry. Henry Clay wanted to build the country with the B.U.S. and Andrew Jackson strongly opposed it, so as a voter in the 1832 election I would have voted for Henry Clay because his American Plan would help the American economy, transportation and industry, he had an impressive political background, and because Andrew Jackson had not impressed in his previous term as President. In 1815, after the fail of the First Bank of US the economy was in trouble. There was no common currency among farmers and workers. Without a common currency it became extremely difficult to trade. This is when Henry Clay introduced the American System. This was a type of economic plan that had 3 parts and was hoped to revive the American economy. The very first part of this plan was making the Second Bank of US. This bank introduced a common currency. As a voter this would finally give me a place to safely put money and having the B.U.S, would result in more trade. The second part of his plan was to raise tariffs. Most think that raising taxes is just the way for the government to squeeze more money out of you. But it is more than that. The higher taxes would help American industry. They would make it so American businesses would not go bankrupt and therefore stopping unemployment. The third part of his plan was to build more roads and canals. This would increase trade and cut down on other costs. The taxes that he brought in were also used to build the roads. So the...

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