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Clelia Mosher Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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During the 20th century, society believed there to be a defined difference in character among men and women. Women were viewed simply as passive wives and mothers, while men were viewed as individuals with many different roles and opportunities. For women, education was not expected past a certain point, and those who pushed the limits were looked down on for their ambition. Marriage was an absolute necessity, and a career that surpassed any duties as housewifes was practically unheard of. Clelia Mosher, a female author of the time, lived and wrote within this particular period. Many of her studies centered on women, of that era. She focused more on the hygienic role other than any other factor. Mosher focused on writing and studying on sexual habits in women during that era.
Clelia Mosher was born in Albany, New York in 1863. Clelia graduated from the Albany Female Academy in 1881 when she was eleven years old. After her graduation from The Albany Female Academy, she wanted to continue here studies and plan to attend college, but her Father Dr. Mosher believed that, it was the right time and neither less it was not normal for women to attend college during that time. Therefore, her father established a greenhouse behind their house where he would teach here about botany and horticulture. For eight years, Clelia remained with her parents opening a small florist shop which she grew a strong connection with it. However, it was not until 1889 where her dads plan for her to stay with them backfired.
  From her florist business, that Celia had established she was able to accumulate two thousand dollars that she was going to use to pay for her education at the Wellesley College in 1889. During her first year at Wellesley, she realized that his dad was telling here the truth, it was not easy task for here especially being a twenty –five year old freshman woman. By the end of the first year, she knew she was overworked and near collapse from so much studies....

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