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Climate Change Fact or Fiction Essay

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Climate Change Fact or Fiction
Carrie Toliver
Instructor:   Kelli Roberts
April 9, 2012

Climate Change Fact or Fiction
Weather patterns have been inconstant since those records have been gathered. However, many scientists have determined these inconstancies stem from the ever increasing CO2 levels emitted through human transportation, energy consumption, and industrial manufacturing. In contrast, still other scientist claim climate change must be reconsidered concluding the earth is much more adaptive. Regardless which school of thought an individual adheres to, measures to secure the well-being of the ecosystem should be explored. Mankind may not possess the ability to undo perceived damages inflected upon the environment; however, minor changes can promote significant benefit for the future health of the global economy.
Although global warming believers and skeptics often debate there are a few areas in which they find common ground. For example, both camps most often can agree that the earth’s atmospheric load of carbon dioxide has increased since the Industrial Revolution. Carbon dioxide expands outcomes mainly from burning coal and other fossil fuels. Typical universal temperatures have increased since 1850 and most warming took place in 1970 (American Chemical Society, 2009). However, this is where the agreement ends because the issue lies in whether warming is clearly connected to growing human produced CO2 levels, or if it is merely part of Earth's intrinsic climatic deviations (American Chemical Society, 2009). Controversy continues as individuals contest their point of view on the subject of global warming, yet regardless where a person’s thoughts lead them on this issue each of us has an important role in maintaining a future for generations to come.
Scientists adhering to the views of global climate change insist ignorance is the only answer for not implementing this belief. Further stating “the more a person knows about the subject...

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