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Closely Helf Essay

  • Submitted by: sabromanelli
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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If you love two people at the same time, choose the second, because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second. In the short story “Closely Held” by Allegra Goodman, Orion has a girlfriend, Molly but soon discovers he prefers Sorel over Molly. In this story, it shows that Orion picks Sorel over Molly because he appreciates her presence more than Molly and also that he forgets about Molly when he is with Sorel.

As the story “Closely Held” goes on, Orion appreciates Sorel’s presence much more than Molly’s. This all starts when Orion sees Sorel working for the first time, “… but the one he looked for was the new girl who’d just started on the Lockbox team. He was always conscious of her. (94)” This citation demonstrates that she had caught his eye and attracted him the first time he ever saw her as if it were “love at first sight.” As Orion and Sorel were going outside, “He felt warm and talkative as they took the elevator down (101).” This shows that Orion feels comfortable with Sorel and she gives him a warm embrace, which only someone you love is able to give you. When Molly is going out for fresh air, Orion follows and quickly says, “I’ll come down with you.(99)” even when being aware that she wanted to have a smoke. Although he hated smokers, it’s obvious that there’s one smoker he doesn’t hate; Molly. This citation also shows that even though she is a smoker, he still appreciates and loves being around her, no matter what the case is.

Closely held demonstrates that Orion prefers Sorel over Molly because Orion tends to forget all about Molly when he is with Sorel. When you are in love with someone, there is no other person on earth who can replace your loved one.   As Orion and Sorel were closely standing due to the cold weather, “He could kiss her. He imagined kissing her, breaking the stillness, flustering her like that. (103)” This citation demonstrates that Orion wants to kiss Sorel, and has no doubt in his mind about...

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