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Coffee Shop and Microblog Marketing Essay

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            NO.100 COFFEE STORE

On the way to No.100 coffee store,I felt excited and nervous.That was the second time I visited there.I knew this coffee store through the sina microblog. Several days ago,I logged on my account then a new fan jumped out, named “No.100 coffee”. According to its marketing style I guessed it must be operated by a young guy who is creative and wants to do something special. However, something interesting appeared in the later concern.

No.100 is located at Wudadao Sightseeing Street district, where is filled with historical and cultural atmosphere. Around the coffee store, the old-fashioned European buildings perfectly set the movie scene of a typical street-side coffee bar in Europe. Slowly step into the No.100, you can see the simple but cozy decoration, the soft fabric sofas in the living room, and the traditional Chinese tea set on the desk, and there is a large cabinet of personal collections from the shareholders’ donation. Besides, there is a wall displaying the colorful postcards sent by customers from all over the world. All these tiny details make this little coffee store more like a warm family house rather than a fancy bar.

After walking around the rooms I chose a sofa by the window in the living room. Because I had visited here a few days ago and had a chat with the waiters, they remembered me and knew why I was here for the second time. However, they told me that today’s shareholder Han Wei was meeting another people at that time, so I was a little bit upset but still determined to wait till 22:00.

But sometimes, when god closes your window, he will also open a door for you.

Maybe half an hour later, a man came in and every waiter called him “Boss Hui”, seemed they are friends. And I also figured out that the man was Li Hui, who is also the shareholder of No.100. I asked the waiter if I could have a communication with Hui,...

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