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Cold Mountain Essay

  • Submitted by: PRLongmire42
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Paul Longmire
English 253
Instructor: Richard Yost

Usually when a film is based upon a novel, there will be many differences between the novel and the actual movie—this happens to be the case with Charles Frazier’s novel Cold Mountain and Anthony Minghella’s movie Cold Mountain. Some of the differences between the novel and the movie are the way characters are portrayed in the novel compared to the movie, the way specific scenes in the novel are illustrated on screen, and how symbols are revealed in the movie compared to the novel. A major difference between the two is the way the novels ends compared to Minghella’s movie. A difference as significant as this can change a person’s view on how they should interpret each work.
In the novel, the main character, Ada, never mentions the name of her lover who we find out is Inman, the only people she talks about are her husband and their three children, and her friend Ruby. Even though Ada never mentions Inman, it is believed that they conceived a child together—for on page 448, Ada talks of young girl “ the girl waved a burning stick and made cursive shapes in the dim air with the yellow ember at its tip until Ada told her to stop it. The girl said, But Mama, and Ada shook her head.” Because Ada never mentions who the father is, we can infer from earlier in the novel that the young girl’s father is indeed Inman. “Later, Ada and Inman lay woven together on their bed of hemlock boughs.” (430) Another reason that viewers might believe Inman is her father comes from the movie, when Ada goes to give the girl a kiss she says, “Grace Inman, no said eat” (Movie).
The novel and the movie also differ in how they interpret the sense of love between Ada and Inman. In the film, for instance, Inman’s only thought is returning back to Cold Mountain were he could be with Ada and start a life together. The novel depicts Inman’s journey different though, Inman’s voyage is basically based on returning to Cold Mountain to escape from...

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