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College Essay

  • Submitted by: gigglygirl16
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: College Admissions
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Electric, enthusiastic, tenacious, determined, ambitious, are all impeccable adjectives to describe who Alexis R. Belton is today. My goal as I move to advance myself is to enhance these qualities. I recognize in order to do this I must further my education. Throughout my essay I will be campaigning why I am the perfect candidate for this college.

Lets start from the beginning, my freshman year in high school. 9th grade was the year I think I excelled in academics the most. I was so excited to start high school and make a name for myself that I made sure I passed all my classes with a B or higher. When I got into high school my love for the arts and sciences grew more. I join the choir and auditioned for the jazz singers at my school and made it! I took musical theater class to work on my vocals, connections with songs and to expand my knowledge of musical theater. I loved science. I loved doing hands on experiments and learning about the universe. At that time I always I had an A in science. I was also very good at math.   These subjects just interested me. History and English were easy classes to me. I never got lower then a B in them. Especially history. Learning about the past was just so fascinating. Because of my good grades in math and science I got recommended to take an enriched lab bioscience class and was encouraged to double up on my math for my sophomore year.

10th grade was also a good year for me. Even though I got a tad bit lazy and my science grades dropped, I never lost the love for it. I enjoyed doing all the hands on experiments and I felt I leaned more when we did them.   So yes my science grades did drop but my love for it didn’t and I pushed through it because I was determined to succeed.   Throughout my sophomore year though my math grades stayed consistent.   I passed both Algebra 2 and 3 with high A’s or high B’s. So with my math grades I was able to challenge myself further and take pre-calculus my junior year and hopefully not have...

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