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College Is a Waste of Time and Money Essay

  • Submitted by: mrsrt8
  • on November 17, 2013
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It was eight minutes into the first mile. A slow pace for a beginning runner like myself. Now more than ever before, the voices in my head and the devil on my shoulder were shouting   “Give up, it’s just a game, you’re wasting your time.”   I didn’t ask their opinion. I was out there to put into action what I had broken countless gallons of sweat for, sacrificed hours of sleep just to get up at 4:30 AM and get my foot out the door. This was the race that would change my life forever.
I never quite cared about sports in   high school until my junior year, when it hit me that engaging in a sport would be a great benefit to one’s character, discipline and physical state. I had ran a 5K earlier in the year (2012) ; I neither prepared nor cared about it.   From the crossing of the finish line on, I was induced into the   “runner’s high”, so I joined Fort Myers High School cross country team. My first day running with the team happened to be a Wednesday, which is coined “ Workout Wednesday” , which was a challenging interval training run. I had already started to hate running, but this hate subsided with the encouragement of the top runners to the rest of the team. A couple of weeks followed, with the same routine of distance running and then workout days; these all got progressively harder. Then came Friday the 7th of September, on the eve of my first race. My coach, Yancey Palmer, gave an inspirational talk, and I was much moved by it.   I had slept on the words “ Burn away your self doubt with the fire on your heels, conquer your demons screeching to quit! This is what you have been preparing for!”  
It was 4:30 AM, and before my hand even got to the alarm clock, the little buggers in my head were already telling me to sleep in and forget about the race.Opposing them was a murmur   saying why I had even set this alarm in the first place. So I had got up and headed to Barron Collier High School. My stomach was full of butterflies, I felt the dew splashing onto my calves...

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