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Columbus Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Christopher Columbus was a great explorer. In 1492 he sailed from Europe to the Americas.Columbus was not the first European in the Americas.But he was the first to start pemanent settlement of the new world.

      Columbus is honored in many ways for his deeds. the South American nation of Colombia was named for him. Columbus, Ohio and Columbus, Georgia, are two of the U.S.cities named for him. The United States also has a national holiday to honor Christopher Columbus.

      Called Columbus day this holiday is held on the second Monday in October.The time of year was picked because columbus first landed in the new world. In the mid-October of 1492 Christopher.

      Columbus was borning 1451 in Genoa,Italy. As a child he help his father who was a wool weaver. Christopher did not want to be a wool weaver though he hoped to go to sea.

      Christopher began makeing longer voyages when he was about 20. On one long trip he saild to France and Tunisia. On another he went to and island between Geece and Turkey. he learaned a great deal about ships and sailing on these trips

      Between 1492 and 1504 Christopher Columbus made four voyages to the Americans he believed he had reached Asia and never know that he had come upon lands previously unkown to Europens.

      It was only after Columbus died that people began to realize the value of his discoveries. the most important things he did was to sailed into the unkown. That took great courage and skill. Once he showed it could be done others followed.

      When Columbus arrived in San Salvador in 1942 he set off a cultural tornado. He and those that followed brought ideas, technology and germs that oveerwhelmed the lands thay invaded. In that way, they did make a new world.

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