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Combusion Of Candle Wax Essay

  • Submitted by: Zaudley
  • on November 2, 2010
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Heat Of Combustion Of Candle Wax

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to determine the amount of heat that was released when a gram of candle wax burns.

Materials and Equipment:
          Empty pop can
          Candle attached to a piece of cardboard
          Celsius thermometer
          Ring stand
          Iron ring
          Stirring rod
          250mL beaker
          100mL graduated cylinder

Data and Observations:
Mass of pop can and water: 149.88 grams
Mass of empty pop can: -14.05 grams
Mass of water in pop can: 135.83 grams

Mass of a candle stuck to a piece of cardboard:       31.77 grams
Mass of candle and cardboard after candle burned:   -31.01 grams
Mass of candle burned:         0.76 grams

Final temperature of water in pop can: 35.0 (C
Initial temperature of water in pop can:   -9.5 (C
Change in temperature: 25.5 (C

q = m ( c ( (T
q(# of cal. or joules absorbed by the water) = m(mass of water in grams) (                 c(1 cal./1g 1(C) ( (T(change in temp. (C)

c = 1.00 cal/g (C
c = 4.18 J/g (C

Conclusions and Questions:
10. (a.) q = 135.83 g ( 1cal.( 25.5(C
                                          g ( C
            q(heat) = 3,463.7 cal.

        (b.) q = 135.83 g ( 4.18 J ( 25.5 (C
                                            g ( C
            q(heat) = 14,178.1 J
11. (a.) 3,463.7 cal.
                  0.76 g
Heat of combustion of the candle = 4,557 cal./ gram of wax burned

      (b.) 14,178.1 J
                0.76 g
Heat of combustion of the candle = 18,655.4 J/ gram of wax burned

12. One source of error could be that some of the heat from the candle could have been released into the air and not absorbed by the can.   Another source of error could be that the water could have not absorbed all the heat from the can.

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