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Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: chavarria805
  • on November 17, 2013
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In the 1950's, the premise of the American dream was strong and vibrant.   It was thought that success would bring about a wonderful life for anyone determined enough to go out and work hard for what they wanted.   This desired prototype of a living structure featured a house with a white picket fence, a brand new Cadillac, and, most importantly, loved ones to share your success with.   This notion of a nuclear family was key to determining whether or not the advertised "dream" had become a reality.   A husband, a wife, two kids, and a possibly, a dog, constituted this ideal family.   Now, while the American dream may remain a prominent aspiration to citizens and foreigners, alike, today's society is far removed from this image of this nuclear family.   More than ever, people are finding divorce to be a common practice, and subsequently, find themselves remarrying.   In fact, "almost 75 percent of single parents remarry, most within three years" (DiVerniero, 2011, p.26).   The film, Step Brothers (2009) presents a comical, yet informative representation of one of the numerous family infrastructures in modern culture.   By analyzing the various communication dynamics of a stepfamily, featured in the film, we can formulate a greater understanding of the components of personal and romantic relationships.   Throughout the duration of the film, the characters enact certain features of personal relationships, such as relationship dialects, and follow an evolutionary course of said relationships, both in terms of friendship and romantic involvement.   As a result of the examination of this film, we can move towards greater understanding of the communication of a stepfamily, and alleviate or help navigate the process to increase the likelihood of success and happiness.
The film Step Brothers is about two people who get married, and each have a middle-aged son who still live at home.   The two men, Brennan and Dale, automatically clash.   Yet, upon further review, they turn out...

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