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Communication Technology Essay

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Communication Technology

Communication Technology is used by most people. It doesn’t have to be present at same place for you to do with others. Can be a phone, e-mail, fax, social networks, computer chatting etc. It save time, costs less and no need to travel.
In this essay I am always interested in online shopping and will write about it.
Nowadays, communication technology is highly developed. Long ago some people have home phone then cell phone, mobile phone and smart phone. It is same with computer, laptop, netbook, notebook, and tablet. Internet access also has modem to mobile network and wifi. It is not only necessary to have in the office but also increased to home, restaurants, pub, cafe, shops. Everyone can use any source to talk to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. A good reason for businesses have internet apart from convenience is to communicate with customers and make money. Most businesses have shop open online which can make a big difference in business. Most retail shops now open online as another source to make money. Some retail online shops , can save money on staff, maintenance and retail shop rents of premises. Online shopping has improved our daily life in many ways.
Many different types of online shopping are available, e.g. fashion product, music, concert tickets, electronic product, grocery, home furniture, foods, insurance, toys and second hand items. I know of some online shopping websites like Next, Littlewoodsireland, Amazon, Boohoo, Tesco, E-bay, Adverts, Donedeal, Livingsocial, Grabone etc.
Online shopping has lots of advantages. Shopping at home in a comfortable couch, at the office, at the school, restaurant, café, pub and anywhere there is access to internet and equipment with it. You don’t have to make journey to and from shops, to look around and buy. And sometimes more discounts are to be made from online shopping. Saving time and cost. If there’s any special stuff I need to buy and it’s not in my local, I can order it...

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