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Compare And Comtrast Essay

  • Submitted by: kiaracarver
  • on November 8, 2010
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Living in an apartment and living in a home are two different things.   Comparing and contrasting the two will help me determine where I would like to stay when I become older and know what I wanna do throughout life.
Living in a house you have advantages and aslo some disadvantages.   The advantages of living in a house is you have your own space.   Having your own space is important. The people I know that live in apartments that have roommates say that they eat their food or something is missing, but when you have your own space you don’t have to worrt about that issue.   Another advantage is having your own privacy.   There is no curfew and if your having a house warming party you don’t have to worry about the people around you being disturbed about the loud noise.   Lastly, there are’nt that many rules about living at home.   Some places you have to do do certain things to make sure you don’t upset the people around you, but living in a house you don’t have to worry to much on that.   Also living in your own house, many houses have garages.
On the other hand living in an apartment also has advantages and disadvantages.   Some advantages of living in an apartment is it’s a lot cheaper, it’s less space, and there is more than one houdehold in building so your not alone all the time.   You can also have whoever you want to come over without asking for permission and they can leave whenever they want.   Some disadvantages are you can’t be too loud with what your doing.   If you live in an upstairs apartment, you have to be careful of how much noise you make.   Another disdavantage is not having a car garage.   Is many apartment complexes, you only get to have a parking space.   Also, there is’nt a lot of rooms in an apartment complex.   If you have a friend that wants to stat the night, they will not have their own place to sleep.  
Having your own place to stay is very important in life.   You have to keep it clean and also make sure everything is paid at the right time....

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