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Compare And Contrast Essay

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  • on November 7, 2010
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Week 8 Assignment Kelly Blankenship

•   Explain the basic concept of logical thinking.
The basic concept of logical thinking is that the decision maker will build upon his or her own experiences and analytical abilities and is the most common approach to solving a problem.

•   Describe the basis of lateral thinking.
The basis of lateral thinking is that the human mind will process and store information in accordance with a specific pattern of thought.   In order to promote lateral thinking, there are 3 activities that can be done to accomplish it.   By way of awareness, alternatives, and provocation.

•   List and briefly describe the three major activities in promoting lateral thinking processes.
The 3 activities to promote laternal thinking are:
        • Awareness – this is intended to define and clarify current ideas.   These current ideas must be identified and understood before any new ideas can be generated.
        • Alternatives – this is the process were the activity must be a conscious effort to produce as many different ways to look at the problem and create a solution.   This is a flexible for of problem solving that frees a decision maker of the boundaries of traditional assumptions and focuses on the alternatives.
        • Provocation – this process directly assists in the development of new ideas by introducing discontinuity, forcing a change in the way that a problem is viewed.

•   What approaches can be utilized to provoke changes in lateral thinking?
The approach that change from both within the problem context and external to the problem context can be provoked.   To change within the problem context, one would need to look at a reverse or backwards approach to looking at the problem.   Another way to provoke changes in lateral thinking would be to employ exaggeration..   By exaggeration, one would increase the characteristics and boundaries of the problem rather than simply reversing them
•   List the major principles of...

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