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Compare Contrast Essay

  • Submitted by: Areynolds5
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Austin Reynolds
21 October 2012
                Shoes and clothes are accessories that will always be needed and will always continue to be advertised. Every time during a TV show there is a chance a commercial for males or females most recent shoes will be shown. Although the commercials still sends out the same message which is to convince the viewer to buy the shoes these commercials are presented in different ways to attract a certain gender group.   When these commercials come on they are both advertised in different ways and are easily identified if it’s for male or female by the way it is advertised. When it comes to subjects like a male Nike commercial it uses less emotional affect than a female sketchers commercial through animation, music, and color.
              A male Nike commercial will use animation with physical activity on the other hand a female commercial like sketchers will use animation in a more emotional way like smiling. When a LeBron James commercial comes on for a pair of Nike shoes, animation is more in a real life form. For example the commercial may be advertising a new shoe that is made for strictly basketball. The animation for this particular type of commercial may show someone who is real good at basketball and then show that person jump high in the air to dunk the ball. This will usually be someone like LeBron James himself. This type of animation watched by male viewers, particularly males who are into sports or play sports, will cause them to feel like they to and will be able to jump similar to LeBron. That will attract viewers because all males who play sports want to be able to jump high and be good at sports. Shoe commercial animations will always show a person begin active and in shape this is because that’s what most males want to look and feel like. This even goes for casual shoes the commercial will show someone who is confident and feels good wearing the shoes begin advertised. Now on the other hand when it...

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