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Comparison Essay

  • Submitted by: Zachs10
  • on November 17, 2013
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Movies vs. Theatre Production

In the busy life of the city, people often lack the time for relaxation and fun, but when they find time, it is usually spent on entertainment.   One form is watching productions, either by stage or film.   Most people choose between the two based on what they prefer.
Movies and theatre production are both high levels of entertainment.   Since the main point is to entertain people, either through drama, comedy or action; it is important that a strong level of that entertainment is present in order to bring about more people to watch them.   A variety of props, costumes, and effects add to that level.   More often than not, people prefer movies because of the enhanced visual and audio effects throughout the film.   Theatre production, on the other hand, has very limited effects.   Since these are performed live, editing is never an option.   In order to add more effects to the performance, the crews must rely on props and sound effects.
“Movies are not as tough as theatre” is realistically a correct statement.   In movies, mistakes are easily corrected.   Directors simply yell out “cut” and order the scene to be done again. When it comes to the actors and actresses, they generally have no responsibility for the outcome of the film.   Their job is to simply act their role and the rest is left to producers and editors.   A theatre production can be a bit more complicated than screaming a word out to the crew, or simply acting a role.   These performances are live, therefore practice is a valuable part since each role must be carried out perfectly.   If a mistake is made, actors must adjust to the situation or the whole performance could fall apart.   The actors drastically depend on the chemistry and flow of the performance in order to carry each role out with perfection.   Each production is different in how much time and practice they apply to the creation of the film or performance.
Different impacts are placed on productions, producing a...

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