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Computer Generation Essay

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Computer Generations

Table of Contents
Understanding Computers 3
Pre-Computers and Early Computers: (Before approximately 1946) 4
First Generation of Computers: (1942-1955) Vacuum Tubes 4
Second Generation of Computers:(1956-1963) Transistors 5
Third Generation of Computers: (1964-1970) Integrated Circuits 5
Fourth Generation of Computers: (1970-Present) Microprocessors 6
Fifth Generation of Computers (Present-Beyond) Artificial Intelligence 7
Conclusion 7
Bibliography 8

Understanding Computers

Computers (also known as programmable machines) have always been our day to day use up to now. With the transformation of computers from the first invention of computers to the newly developed computers of today have shown a dramatic change with its shape; size; and multitasking ability; being more efficient and becoming more reliable computing devices.
With that being said computers have evolved into a stage at which people have started to use everywhere they go on their home computers to portable devices to browse the internet, send email, listen to music, SMS and so on.
And this was only able to achieve to use what we are capable of today because of the improvements that were made from the classifications of generations of computers and technological developments that led to the current devices that we use today.
The history of computers starts in 1940 with vacuum tube circuitry and goes to the present and beyond with artificial intelligence to developed in the future.
This is how the transformations of computers have affected the daily lives of every single person living in this world to be able to access almost anything through their computers and also portable devices and to manage multiple tasks in different areas of work.

Pre-Computers and Early Computers: (Before approximately 1946)

In the ancient times, people have had ways dealing with data and numbers. Basic arithmetic and counting’s having...

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