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Computing Sads Essay

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1.1 Problem Definition [3]
Starshine Amateur Dramatic Society (SADS) have askd me to make a computerised system which will help them with their bookings for their shows on the first Friday and Saturday of October.
Main Aims
The system will allow customers details to be input and stored by the customers for themselves, family and friends.   It will display all available seats for booking excluding the seats that have already been booked. It will also show all the aisles so disables people can choose seats at the end of a row where they can put their wheelchair. Customers will be able make seats to be booked for the correct day by having 2 different models for Friday and Saturday. I will need to make it clear to the customer which night they are booking on so they don’t get confused and book on the wrong night. The system will be able to store and retrieve details of all bookings made by customers. This means they will be stored in a record with fields of all the information they have inputted. Also the record of data needs to be able to be edited if customer records change in anyway. I may also allow the users to delete their record if it is not needed anymore. When the model is done I need to output total income from tickets sales for each performance so that people in SADS will be able to see how much money will be made and work out profit per night. I could also allow the users to unbook seats they no longer want any more after saving it to the system. The system could also have a login to make it more secure and easier to add seats as everything would be in 1 login. The customer’s records could also be sorted by field to give an order to the records so it is easier to find and edit customer details.
The system is a single use system which can only be accessed by one person at a time on 1 computer.   The system is not shared or online for others to use so to add any record the user would have to be on the computer the system was made on. This...

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