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Conflict Resolution Essay

  • Submitted by: ctcauley
  • on November 7, 2010
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Different Approaches


The advent of groups or teams in the workplace necessitates conflict resolution strategy as conflict will often arise intra- and inter-team. However, conflict often connotes something that is detrimental or should be avoided. Conflict is often thought of as a chaotic process of arguing, fighting, name-calling and stress. While conflict can engender negativity, there are also many positive benefits which may arise from conflict when conflict resolution strategies are designed well and implemented properly by group members and/or their supervisor. While there are many pitfalls that lie in wait during conflict, by identifying different strategies/theories of conflict resolution and by identifying those conflicts early groups will often benefit in a variety of ways from conflict that is effectively resolved.

This analysis will look at different conflict resolution strategies/theories in an attempt to determine which are most effective for resolving group/team conflict. Before looking at these different models, we will review the different conflict orientations of different people as understanding them is often a key to effective conflict resolution and useful for determining which conflict resolution strategy/theory should be applied. A conclusion will address which manner of conflict resolution seems to be the most effective for resolving group/team conflict.


Before looking at different theories or strategies of conflict resolution, it is important to understand that each member of the group brings to the table a different conflict orientation. When team members encounter conflict, in other words, they react to it differently. Some styles are geared to achieve the individual his or her goals. Others are more along the lines of trying to keep the "peace" among group members. Still others react in a competitive manner where they either win the conflict at the expense of...

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