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Conformity In Students Essay

  • Submitted by: lilly884
  • on October 26, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Human beings are defined as ''social animals'' because in every aspects of life they live together, they form a variety of groups and improve relationships with each other. Interaction with others is a natural result of living in society. In the process of interaction, society and its rules has a social impact on each individual. While people can conform at all ages, it is most common at school aged children. Because of the granted acceptance that will follow if in a group or crowd, it is no wonder why most of today's students tend to be conformist
The strength of desire to conform is a personality trait whereby some people will try to conform to whatever group they are in at the time, while other 'non-conformists' will go in the other direction, deliberately asserting their individuality by rejecting all but a very few sets of norms. Because school (especially middle school and high school) is a time for self discovery, a fair amount of students like the idea of living a non-conformist life style because it provides room for growth and try to follow their own route, but others are too set on being included into groups or specially liked by others. Often, an individual will conform to society to avert ridicule and jeers.
  Many people conform without even knowing, for example, the way an individual will dress when with friends. Conformity can be showed as: being on time most of the time, fulfilling academic requirements, generally keeping within bounds of accepted decorum, but sometimes social influence and pressure of others, affect the way people think, feel and behave and therefore, cause a deeper conformity. Group pressure is a common factor in conformity; these groups can consist of peers, family members, membership groups or even strangers.
Different groups have different norms or rules to which group members conform. This can be to do with behavior, attitude, dress, language, etc. The degree to which other people conform to the rules indicates their...

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