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Conjoint Analysis

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The New Playstation Mini |
Conjoint Analysis |


1. Executive Summary 3
2. Existing Market Conditions 3
3. Research Design 3
4. Data Analysis 3
4.1 Sample and Dataset Characteristics 3
4.2 Analysis 3

1. Executive Summary
Game console industry is growing and developing. At the same time the direction of this development is rigid for the products. Companies already set their product lines and they are not fitting for every need. In other words there is a potential segment which is overlooked and this segment includes people with high income levels.
People are buying consoles for their houses and consoles are becoming like furnitures. While going to a vacation no one brings his/her TV with; and the situation is also the same when it comes to game consoles. There are other options when it comes to portable gaming experience such as PSP or GameBoy. But the thing is those options are nothing like game consoles. For instance game selection for handheld game consoles are limited. In addition to that another limitation is the availability of multi-player gaming. It not possible to play multi-player games with one device.
Our main motivation while doing this research is the lack of products to reach this segment. We assume that in order to achieve this goal we need to produce a smaller and lighter game console; in other words by producing a portable console we will be able to dominate the market and gain more revenues.

2. Existing Market Conditions
Gaming industry is dominated by 3 main companies; Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. When it comes to game consoles we can talk about 3 product lines of those companies, which are Playstation, Wii and Xbox.

3. Research Design
Research is conducted using both face-to-face and online survey methods. In total there were 60 respondents between the ages 20 and 55. As shown above we created 16 product bundles and asked the respondents to rank these bundles with numbers regarding 16 as the...

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