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Connections Through Literacy Essay

  • Submitted by: tzdenek
  • on November 25, 2012
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                Response to Literature through Connections
Students respond to literature through connections they have in many literacy activities. These can be provided on a daily basis in Reading and Writing. Authentic literacy activities are strategies that allow students to make connections to literature such as artwork, reenactments, retelling, written responses, character studies, story maps and book comparisons.
    • We learn to respond to literature by modeling. This is the most important starting point. All elements are vital: Think Alouds from simple to complex questioning, roles when working in groups, question starters, organization, to how do we talk to our partners politely? All of these will play a critical role in how well your students will form into mini communities when they sit during centers and discuss their connection that they made with the text.
    • Text-to-self connection:   Making a personal connection between the text and something the reader has had exposure to in their life.
      Text-to-text connection:   Finding common features in two or more books.
      Text-to-world connection:   Finding big ideas or themes in a text that the child can relate to the real world.
      (Remember, we cannot all relate to the same things. Everyone’s exposure is different.)
    • WE learn to respond to literature by comparing and contrasting different texts.
    • WE learn to respond to literature by making text to self and text to text connections. Texts to self-connections are personal connections the reader makes to that which is being read. Text to text connections are connections made between the text being read and other texts.
    • We learn to respond to literature by going back and “finding the proof” through interacting with our peers. (Answering questions through role play with reciprocal teaching (detective… with magnifying lens…) Then having the students model what they have seen their teacher example. (Summarize, clarify,...

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