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Conservation Versus Preservation Essay

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Conservation Versus Preservation

November 14, 2013

SCI 275

Clifford Blizard

Dear Magnolia Banner News Editors,

I am writing you this letter today to inform you of how we must conserve the natural resources in the Bridger Teton National Forest. If you are not aware of what the Bridger Teton National Forest is, it is a “3.4 million acres of public land located in western Wyoming.” (University of Phoenix, 2007) For the most part, “It has remained virtually untouched by human presence and is the largest contiguous piece of public land in the lower 48 states.” (University of Phoenix, 2007) The area has been designated as a national forest and which “potentially allows for a variety of different activities to occur within its borders, including recreation, fishing, hunting, mining, and logging.” (University of Phoenix, 2007)

I personally believe that there are natural resources within the forest’s boarders which can be used to benefit our country’s economy. Resources present include oil that when properly drilled will not destroy the local environment and will lower our dependency on foreign oil. In addition, tapping this oil deposit will help to lower our oil costs at home, create jobs, benefit the local and national economies, and help to bring attention to the beauty provided by the forest. A portion of the profits from the drilled oil can be used for ads which inform others of all the Bridger Teton National Forest has to offer as well as be used for conservation programs. These ads will help bring nature lovers to the area which will ultimately create jobs in the tourism field. Jobs will also be created for the conservation programs which will receive national attention.

In the end, our dependency on foreign oil will be reduced, thousands of potential jobs will be created, tourism will be increased, and both the local and national economies will see great benefits. I also want to remind you that in addition to these benefits, there will be the...

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