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Consolation Of Philosophy Essay

  • Submitted by: ayshaj
  • on November 17, 2010
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It first all begins with happiness. Boethius states that happiness is simply power and wealth. These two things cannot be achieved by one’s self because they come from fortune, which is very undependable. He is sad and miserable because he believes that he lost all his power from fortune. She responds by explaining to him why he’s definition for happiness is wrong. He was only thinking about the material things that present happiness to himself and that lead him to rely on Fortune. What she says about Fortune was that it is the action and behavior of God, and God decides on what Fortune can do to a person. Her solution to that is making Boethius relationship with God stronger and more understanding of God’s control.
Lady Philosophy helps Boethius not only talk’s about what it is and who deserves it but how to obtain happiness, with the two arguments about God’s existence and his Happiness. Philosophy: “the common conception of human minds grants that God… is good; since nothing can be imagined that is better than God, who could doubt that such a thing is good than which nothing is better?” Everyone believes or know of God, and since there’s no higher power, who would doubt God and believe in nothing, because nothing is more powerful than God. It has to be true about God. Since God is all power, all good,   and all knowing, (AGAPAK) God is perfect, so perfect goodness (which is happiness) is made by God.
She continues to expound how the world did not just create its self, and there must be something or someone that could be powerful enough to generate such a universe. That is a important example of the existence of God. Boethius wonders and objects, if God is AGAPAK, then why is their evil? Can He create evil? Lady Philosophy says that “evil things are nothing”. The evil people do not have anything real. Why is that? Because again happiness steps in and leads us to God. Evil people are only happy by materialistic things, not true happiness. Because of only...

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