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Contemporary Hrm Issues Essay

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Contemporary HRM Issues

An ageing population report

Table of contents
Introduction 3
Main body
Influence of ageing population 4
HR strategies 5
An aging workforce in Hospitality Industry 7
An aging workforce in UK’s large catering company 8
Conclusion 9
References 10

In the foreseeable future ageing population is going to have big influence for everyone in society and it is also likely to be crucial of all demographic changes. Dr. Andrew Jenkins says that from regions across the world, Europe will be most   affected by it. That situation have been foresight in early 90s. Most of the western world’s and for the matter Britain’s baby boomers will retire. That will affect largely on the economic growth, society itself, budget and also companies. (Conway, 2010) So it is important to have a close look on that matter from the Human Resource Management perspective. The question arise itself: how does ageing workforce influence the companies’ and what HR strategies can be taken to find a solutions in that matter?

Main Body
Influence of ageing population
According to Worthington an ageing population is an increase in the average age of population. There is increasing percentage of group of people over the age of 65 and decreasing percentage of people under 16. It is a process which have place not only in UK but it is shared by many other countries. Social Trends (2005) projects that by 2013 the number of over 65s will exceed the group in age under 16. (Worthington, 2009). This trend may be described as the ‘demographic time-bomb’. It will have implications for both public and private sectors in terms of overall demand for services and goods. Those include ‘public goods’, for example: healthcare, state pensions, social services and education.
The so called   ‘demographic time-bomb’ have a significant influence in labour market. There are number of challenges connected with an older...

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