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Contending Essay

  • Submitted by: 196144504clee
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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To me, loyalty to my family is critical because my family is always there for me, they show respect to my opinions, and gives me a sense of warmth and belonging. They are the people who are silently watching over my every movement, guiding me as I go through different stages of life. They are the ones who would always be in my life, disciplining me as I walk along my path to success. They are the one and only people who are tied with me for eternity.
However at the same time, I am loyal to my friends. They act as a portal for me to escape the harsh reality that even my family won’t understand.   We would have our secret codes, where only we would understand – no one else. We would have our late night talks about our deepest secrets, laughing at our childhood together. My friends are the ones who brings the coexistence of bitterness and sweetness into my life.   There are times where we would just hug each other, crying without a care, if not, we would laugh like no one is watching.  
Being said, although I cherish my family and friends both equally, unfortunately, they act as contending loyalties. Have you ever experienced a difficult time choosing between two items till your head hurts? That occasionally happens to me, since I am pretty indecisive. Sometimes, I would choose to spend some time with my friends rather than my family, which can be pretty upsetting to my family. There are also times where I choose my family over a close friend’s birthday. They may understand, however there got to be some a tint of sadness in their hearts. I personally try to balance my time spent with my family and friends, however, frankly speaking, it’s hard. Since time is very limited, I often choose hanging out with friends over family, merely because my brain tells me that I live with my parents from the day I was born   and probably will for the next 5-10 years or so.

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