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Copernicus Essay

  • Submitted by: Kuprelis1
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: English
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A. hi Karolina, we should disscust about our class camping trip to Nida. It’s soo much things that we have to plan. Have u got any ideas?
B. Hi Deimante, yes I’m agree wit you. Many students are consider about the food and asked me what kind of foodstuffs they should bring in camp. I made a little list of the most necessary food. First of all is drinks, and I prefer water because it is healthy and abolish trirst. Second of all is sandwiches with ingridients by student choise which are nourishing. And the last one is snacks by choise. What do u think about that?
A. I think u are right. But what about cooking meals on camfire? Students must have a warm food at least once a day. Maybe in the morning we shoud cook a gruel   and when is lunchtime we can cook potatoes on fire. What about that?
B. There are a good and easy to make meals. However we can cook campire chilli in a dutch oven or macaroni and cheese. It also would be fun to cook that meals together in pairs. I have one more thing to discuss, it is first aid items. What students should bring?
A. I think the most important things to bring are sleeping bag, a tent, food and drinks, warm clothes, mobile phone, and of course, some pharmaceuticals. But I;m not sure what kind of medicaments students have to have.
B. I think it is unnecessary to bring a mobile phone because there are no connection in our camping place. But it is a good question about medicaments. I read that every camper should has a medicines for pain, allergies, patches, cream for mosquito and beetles bites. I think there are very important things because u never know what could happen. What do u thing?
A. I think we discuss all important stuff about our camping trip this weekend, now we should tell our ideas to students.
B. Ok, lets go.

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