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Cornell Notes Essay

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Matthew Carreno
Period 4
AP Psychology

Unit 5 Cornell Notes

What do our internal rhythms create? | Our internal biological rhythms create periodic physiological fluctuations |
Specifically, What does the circadian rhythms regulate? | The circadian rhythm’s 24-hour cycle regulates our daily schedule of sleeping and waking, in part in response to light on the retina, triggering alterations in the level of sleep-inducing melatonin. |
What are the sleep stages? | Another biological rhythm is the sleep stages. |
What are the five steps of the sleep stages? | we descend into transitional Stage 1 sleep, often with the sensation of falling or floating. Stage 2 sleep (in which we spend the most time) follows about 20 minutes later, with its characteristic sleep spindles. Then follow Stages 3 and 4, together lasting about 30 minutes, with large, slow delta waves. All these stages are referred to as NREM sleep. Reversing course, we retrace our path, but with one difference: About an hour after falling asleep,we begin periods of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. |
Where does dreaming most prominently occur? | Most dreaming occurs in this fifth stage (also known as paradoxical sleep) of internal arousal but outward paralysis. |
Which stage shortens REM sleep length? | During a normal night’s sleep, periods of Stages 3 and 4 sleep shorten and REM sleep lengthens. |

What are the harmful effects of sleep deprivation? | Sleep deprivation causes fatigue and impairs concentration, creativity, and communication. |

What are the additional effects of sleep loss? | It also can lead to obesity, hypertension, a suppressed immune system, irritability, and slowed performance (with greater vulnerability to accidents). |
What are the benefits of sleep? | Sleep may have played a protective role in human evolution by keeping people safe during potentially dangerous periods. Sleep also gives the brain time to heal, as it restores and repairs...

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