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Cosi by Louise Nowra Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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‘Cosi’ by Louise Nowra …


  1. The Symbolic Significance of the lighting in the opening scene is that it reflects Lewis’s ignorance towards the mentally ill, whilst also reflecting his lack of experience. The ‘Pitch blackness’ of the theatre symbolically represents Lewis being in the dark with little idea on how to produce a play with mentally ill patients. A stage direction (they fumble in the darkness for a light switch) represents their lack of experience, and going into this new experience ‘in the dark’.
  2. Lewis is motivated to take the job because of money. This is conveyed in “I need the money” rather than taking the job for artistic intentions.
  3. Nick and Lucy’s view on Lewis taking the job and their attitude to the mentally ill is negative. Both of them are doubtful about Lewis’s new job. Nick lacks compassion and understanding towards the mentally ill patients and this is proved through the quote “mad actors are bad enough, but madmen…” Once Nick and Lucy immediately leave, showing that they are uncomfortable around the mentally ill.
  4. Nowra commenting on the mentally through his use of setting as the burnt out theatre, this is used to symbolize the patients are ‘broken’; they have been affected by their mental illness and have changed as a result.
  5. Roy chooses ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ as he has a love and admiration for Mozart’s music. His love for Mozart music is conveyed in “there is the harmony of the spheres and the harmony is Mozart music.”
  6. The thematic significance of Lewis confusing the roles of Justin and Roy is that it highlights the theme of madness versus sanity. When Lewis confuses the roles of Justin and Roy it is evident that there is a fine line between sanity and mental illness. There is no physical difference between the ‘sane’ and mentally ill and therefore difficult to tell the difference between them without actually interacting with them.
  7. In Scene 1 we learn that:

Dough – is very...

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