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Cost Analysis Of Ethical Dilemma: Headless Humans For Organ Implantation

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From an economic standpoint it is deemed very unadvisable to allow the insured use of headless humans anywhere in the near future on a large scale.   Current transplant procedures are very costly in comparison to other forms of care, and there will undoubtedly be additional costs in proposed organ procurement because of high-level technology lab fees.   More importantly, if available on a large scale, the headless humans would allow for a much greater number of transplants which I see as impossible to absorb in a population pool.

The average one-year charges of an organ transplant in the United States in 2008, listed from most to least are: Intestine $1,120,000; Heart $790,000; Double Lung $670,000; Liver $523,000; Single Lung $450,000; Kidney $259,000; Pancreas $275,000 .   The procurement of these organs from 2008 was between $60,000 and $100,000 per organ (Port et al., 911).   Although it is impossible to accurately predict the increase of procurement costs, I believe tripling these values to $180,000 to $300,000 to be a prudent estimate.   This is because of the high-level technology, facility, research staff, and elapsed growth time necessary for healthy organs.   For the most common transplantation, kidney transplantation, this would likely yield a doubling of the costs, $259,000 to $500,000. Insurance companies currently cover at most 80% of these costs, and reserve the right to lower the percentage covered of the transplant if costs increase at an unreasonable rate (Field, 214-219).

With the costs of transplantation in the U.S. at a minimum of a quarter million dollars, it may seem impossible to offer insurance-covered transplantation services because of the costs entailed.   Realistically, this totals under $6 per person on their monthly insurance premium (Rooney, 75).   The reason organ transplants are not breaking the bank is because of the relatively low number of organ transplantations done annually across the large population pool.   The greatest of...

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