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Courage Essay

  • Submitted by: fahad12
  • on November 25, 2012
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Two years ago a man named Mohamed Bouazizi stood against his government in Tunisia. He could not take the abuse in his country anymore when his food cart was demolished by police officers for no reason what so ever. That made him so angry that he set himself on fire. That incident led to what people call the “Arab Spring “which changed everything in the Arab world. Mohamed showed us a lot of courage when he stood against his government because everybody was terrified from punishment.
Mohamed courageous sacrifice for his people is very appreciated in his country. What is courage anyway? Courage is when a person   has the strength needed to face his fears and troubles. It can change countries and alter people lives as we have seen in the Arab Spring in December 2010 (2010-12-18).Some people became famous for their courage and contribution to the Revolution all over the Middle East. Specifically in Egypt, people started posting videos of the corruption in the country. Khaled Said, Asmaa Mahfouz and Ahmad Maher had a lot of courage and stood against the government system.
Khaled Said was the spark that led to the Egyptian revolution. He was a very brave man was killed by the hand of two corrupt cops on June 6, 2010. On the night of the incident, two cops came to Said and drag him into the streets and torture him. At the begging the accused him of been a drag dealer but, after the Egyptian people saw Saids picture and how was he badly disfigured they did not stop asking questions. Subsequently the opened an investigation on the incident and it led to the arrest of the corrupt cops and they found that a video typing done by said of the two cops dealing drugs what killed him.
The picture of Khaled Said inspired Asmaa Mahfouz to do something about the corrupt government. She posted a video blog that went viral urging the Egyptian people to join her in a protest on January 25, 2010 in Tahrir Square to bring down Mubarak’s regime and urged people not to be...

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