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Courage Essay

  • Submitted by: jennifera831
  • on November 25, 2012
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Alfaro 1
Jennifer Alfaro
Puente English 3-4
Courage from my Dad
Courage is getting up out of bed everyday, going to work to provide for your family, doing whatever you can to find some happiness for yourself and the ones you love, trying to get some sleep at night and then doing that all over again tomorrow.
My father was a big influence in my life. We all have a hero and my hero is my dad. He was born and raised in Michoacán, Mexico and as soon as he turned fifteen, he left to another city to study high school leaving his family and friends back at home to live on his own. Every weekend when we have family gatherings, my dad gets a little drunk and reminisces all his struggles he had to overpass growing up being the oldest of seven boys. He always tells us his life thinking he can motivate us because if he could do it, then so can any other Latino.
He tells me how he lived in a small room with 2 other roommates. They had to sleep one in each wall because it was a small room. He says he would study all night and sometimes he didn’t have enough food, so he would buy a ganzito and a coke for the whole day. I think about that and it would be hard for me to function with a ganzito and a coke because I eat all day even if at times it’s just junk food. He wouldn’t always go back home on the weekends. Sometimes if he had enough money, he would go every three weeks or so. He struggled living on his own without his mom making him food and his
Alfaro 2
dad teaching him what was right and wrong. He pretty much had to learn everything by himself and that’s what made my father the man he is today.
After doing high school, he went to a four-year university in Mexico City named Instituto Politecnico Nacional where he majored in engineering. He lived there with his aunt and uncle, which welcomed him to the family as if he was one of their sons. My dad kept studying and studying each night until about three or four in the morning. He told me he once...

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