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Jinnah University for Women

Department of Business Administration


Study Guide

Academic Semester Spring 2013


Change is often described as one of the most significant leadership challenges you will face. It is a source of uncertainty and frustration for those at all levels: strategic, team, and – most painfully – the individual. While approaches for dealing with change may vary over time, the ways people react to it remain remarkably constant. It is this human element that represents the most considerable complication to successful transformation. When managers and employees are unable to cope, even the well-planned effort can fail—potentially at an enormous cost to the organization (and to people’s well-being).   This course looks at organizational change from a human and process perspective. You will understand how change acts upon people, and what leadership behaviors are needed to manage the upheaval. You will also learn key skills for overcoming resistance to change, for supporting yourself and others in times of uncertainty, and for facilitating the transition process. Furthermore, we will investigate several change approaches, methods offered by theorists and practitioners regarding how to move an organization from one state to a [presumably] more desirable one. And finally, of course, you will apply your academic knowledge to case analyses, large and small group discussions, and activities.

Course Instructor:
Ms. Ambreen Sualeh (E-mail: ambreen.sualeh31@gmail.com)

Course Requirement:

    • Assignments
      Students are required to submit the assignments after the completion of each session. The requirement of each assignment is given in this course study guide. The submission of the assignments will be the next class after the completion of that particular session. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!


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