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Creation Myth Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Creation Myth
The Greek Creation Myth and Norse Creation Myth will   successfully resonate with modern audience because both of the myth is very different from each and has very interesting story behind them. Like how in the Greek mythology it tell a story about how Zeus save his brothers and sister from his father by poisoning him with made him throw up his kids out of him. The Norse mythology is very different because the Norse Gods spoke and acted like human being and they were also face the inescapable fate of death. So the two myth are very different from one another.
The first three Greek’s immoral being was Gaea, Tartarus, and Eros. Gaea who was known as mother earth have birth to child with a partner named   Uranus and he was known as father sky. Gaea ended up marrying Uranus and they ruled over all that came to being. The first immortal children of their was the three hundred-handed giant and their next immortal children was the three Cyclops. Uranus began to fear the power of his   six children and then he threw them way below the earth surface where the fell for 9 days until they landed in Tartarus on the 10th day. Gaea was furious at Uranus for what he did and she kept her anger in side of her until the day come when she can take her revenge. The next children that Gaea and Uranus had was the thirteen titans. The thirteen titans and there kids became the oldest generation of Greek Gods. Gaea decided to use her children’s to take revenge on Uranus and all the children was scared of him so they all disobeyed her except for Cronus who told Gaea. “if no one else will help you, mother, I certainly will! If our father has been cruel to you and to our brothers, we should take revenge.” (page 8)   Cronus cut Uranus and threw apart of his body in the water. Than Cronus took his father place as the god of the sky.
The   Norse god would act like humans speak like them and they were even subjected to death like humans. Norse gods would accept there fate like...

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