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Creative Writing Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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At 4pm yesterday, a group of British naval officers found 21 young boys on a deserted island. The British officers where en-route to Liverpool, from Guyana when they noticed a blazing fire on an unmapped island, located 45km east of Barbados.
Reports suggest that the 21 boys where from a lost plane that has been missing for two weeks. It is notified that both the pilots and three boys are declared dead or missing. Names of the boys are yet to be announced.
The Naval officers that found these boys described them as: aged between seven to thirteen years of age, malnourished, and hungry. They were immediately taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), in Bridgetown via a police helicopter. All boys needed immediate treatment and their respected parents have been notified.
It is identified that the boys are pupils from the Methodist Corners School in London as investigators found a cap, designed with the school logo, on the island.
The private jet which carried these boys was supposed to be taken to Peru where the boys were admitted to a boarding school. When this private jet crashed on the island, the aircraft officials immediately lost track of the plane. Since then the Search and Rescue Operators (SAR) have been searching intently for this aircraft.
Nation News Barbados (NNB) has managed to interview the naval officer – Dale Steyn, who first sighted the boys on the island. “The boys looked surprised to see me, as if they just discovered a human. At first I was embarrassed to see them, they got a bit emotional. It was shocking to see that they shed tears of grief rather than joy.”
Another British officer – Alistair Cook described the scene as ‘astonishing’ and found that the island looked like “a boy’s bedroom which has not been inspected by the parents for months, it is a complete pigsty”.
NNB reporters became aware that the boys adopted their own lifestyle of living. When examining the island, investigators reported that the island lost all its vegetation as...

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