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Creative Writing for Literature Essay

  • Submitted by: molbarham
  • on November 19, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Creative Writing for Literature" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

English Literature

There was once a small, vacant village, which was told to be cursed. It was full of men, no girls whatsoever past the age of approximately 19 years old. You may be wondering what this curse was, and what it has to do with the fact that no women survived to adult life much at all. This curse, which had been placed on the village hundreds of years ago, affected many families throughout the whole of the town. It had been forced upon the young women of the town who had no choice but to have a child. The curse was that for every child born, one woman in the area must die. Many of these innocent women died during childbirth, as a consequence of bringing another soul into the world. Although, this curse only seemed to apply for the lower class citizens, and the well-off, rich and wealthy people up in the hills of Dormers Village, were never ever affected by this sickening curse. But, I know of this one particularly special couple, which it did apply to, regardless of the money they had…
They had anything and everything you could think of; jewels upon jewels, fabulously framed portraits in these costly ringed casings. Down their halls they had stacks on stacks of books, all of which were upper class reading materials. This house had an amazing vibe to it, and it was mostly because of the woman in charge. She was a very happy and enthusiastic girl who loved her life very very much. She possessed everything she wanted to have; nothing was ever negative in her lifetime. That was until she got married, and her husband was so desperate for children. Now, she knew of this curse, and was scared for children purely because she felt she hadn’t lived her life properly yet, she hadn’t done anything she wanted to do, she was forced into this marriage by her widowed father as he knew if she married an upper class gentlemen, no harm could get to her. So, her husband spent months on months reassuring her that nothing would happen to her, the curse...

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