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Criminal Justice Questions Essay

  • Submitted by: dangrdave5
  • on November 17, 2010
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1. The consensus model of the contemporary criminal justice system in the United States refers to a model of criminal law making that assumes that members of society agree upon what it is right and what it wrong and the laws should be based of agreed upon social values. It also says that society should work together in unison a common and shared vision of what is right and good. It is a perspective that assumes the criminal justice systems components work together to achieve justice. Whereas on the other hand the Conflict Model of the contemporary criminal justice system refers to a model of crime where the criminal justice system is seen to be used by the ruling class to control the lower class. It argues that the organizations of the criminal justice system should work competitively to produce justice instead of cooperatively. It argues things like worries over fame promotion and other things like wages cause the criminal justice system to conflict its self. One example from within the system is between Police and prison officials. Police desire to put criminals into prison whereas prison officials are concerned about overcrowding facilities may desire to release criminals from prison

2. I think the Stanford Prison project was anything but ethical. I don’t think it was ethical back then and I don’t think it would be even close to ethical now. Maybe if the people used in the experiment had more informed consent and were told a little better of what the plan was and maybe what long term effects could happen than I would revisit the question. I think the behaviors of the participants, guards and prisoners, was shaped by both psychological and sociological influences but if I had to take one over the other I would say psychological influences. I think that because the guards realize they had the power and the prisoners were intimidated and almost had to in a way submit to them guards whether they chose to or not. The guards became increasingly cruel and the...

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