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Cruise Line Essay

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The Cruise Line Industry is the business sector that straddles the leisure entertainment/travel and transportation businesses.   “A cruise ship is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship's amenities are part of the experience”[1] and the product of the industry.   The cruise ship experiences and product options vary by customer preference from budget to luxury cruising packages (will be discussed in more detail in customer segmentation section).   The modern Cruise Line Industry experience continues to evolve from its early stages during the “Love Boat” era to the current version of cruising with larger ships, trips with shorter durations, and new emerging destinations.   While the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe remain the dominant markets, many Cruise Line companies have announced plans to increase their presence in other parts of the world, including Asia, Canada/New England, the Indian Ocean and Africa, the Amazon and Brazil, the Middle East and the Arctic regions, including Newfoundland and Greenland.   Also to counteract the need for flights and attract value-seeking consumers many Cruise Lines are currently offering more than 30 US domestic home ports along the East, West and Gulf Coasts and major rivers in Canada and New England and the American Midwest and West.   Over half the U.S. population lives within driving distance of these “Close to Home” embarkation ports.[2]


The Cruise Line Industry’s evolution will continue in 2009 with these anticipated trends.

    • Bigger Ships More Amenities:   Cruise Lines continue to add capacity via larger ships.   Cruisers can expect a continuing evolution of shipboard experiences and amenities in the coming year.   Some of these experiences include full-scale seagoing aqua parks, ice rinks; luxury spas; increased choice and options in cuisine; and facilities, including pools and recreation areas dedicated to adults,...

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