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Cryptococcosis Essay

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                                                    Prerared by: Tarig Mohamed Ageeb

• A Capsulated yeast – A true yeast..
• A sporadic disease in the past.
• Most common infection in AIDS patients.

• A true yeast
• Round   4 – 10 microns
• Surrounded by Mucopolysaccharide capsule.
• Thick in vivo
• Negative staining with India Ink and Nigrosin
• 60% of the infected prove positive   by India Ink preparation on examination of CSF
• KoH preparations in Sputum and other tissues,
• PAS and Mucicaramine staining helps confirmation.                                  

• Cryptococcus neoformans
• Distribution
• World wide distribution.

• In 1971   two cases of cryptococcal pneumonia in horses are described. Histoplasma farciminosum was isolated from both cases.
• The diagnosis was based on histopathological changes in the lungs and culture of the fungus.

• Cryptococcus neoformans
• A true yeast
• 4 serotypes   - A,B,C,D
• A and D - C.neofromans   var neoformans
• B and C - C.neoformans var gatti.
• Many infections are caused by
                C.neofromans var neoformans.                                                        
Found in wild/Domesticated birds.
Pigeons carry C.neofromans,
Birds do not get infected.
Commercialy available AB tests

A – 80% clinical cases
B – tropical, subtropical – S. California, Hawaii, Brazil, Australia, SE Asia
C – rare
D – Europe – Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland

• Ecology:
• C.neoformans var neoformans: pigeons- parrots- canaries.
• C.neoformans var gatii:oaks-eukalyptus- maples-firs.

• Inhalation   “Intensive bird exposure area”
• Needlestick injury
• Organ transplant

• Pathogenesis
• Enters through lungs   - inhalation of Basidiospores of C neoformans.
• Enters...

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