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Cu2717 Essay

  • Submitted by: jjblack1
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Analyse how a range of conditions and/or disabilities may impact on individuals being able to negotiate environments.
There could be a number of issues that this could effect such as, a patient being blind or having to use a wheel chair. It is important the   patients gets time and support in exploring the environment and ensuring it is kept the same so that the patient can keep as much as their independence as possible. For example if all the chairs where placed on the left hand side of the room a blind person will be shown to walk down the right side, but if the room was changed around without someone telling the person they will continue to walk down the right side and will trip over the chairs. It is also important that we allow enough space for wheelchair uses to have full access to rooms. Its also important that entrances and exits are wheel chair friendly including fire exits.
It may not be a physical disability or impairment it could be that a patient is anxious of new places so we need to ensure that its clean, friendly, age appropriate and sign posted properly to help with the anxiety issues.
Other conditions could include:
  * sensory loss
  * physical health
  * mental health
  * physical disability
  * learning difficulty/disability
  * emotional health
There is a lot of support that could help patients with such conditions or disabilities, these include:
  * other professionals
  * assistive technology/aids
  * other professionals
  * carers/family members
  * advocates
  * colleagues
A risk assessment will need to be in place to support patients, this will include:
  * environmental hazards
  * agreed methods of communication
  * level of support required
  * assistive technology/aids
  * other resources
All staff will be aware of the individuals care plan and will work in line with the care plan. The risk assessments will need to be reviewed and/or updated where...

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  • Submitted by: jjblack1
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 461 words
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