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Cuba Lay Offs Essay

  • Submitted by: jphan92
  • on November 1, 2010
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The president of Cuba, Rahul Castro, announced on September 13, 2010 that at least half a million state workers would be laid off in the next six months. The reason for this reduction of workers is Castro's attempt to get Cuba's socialist economy going by creating more jobs in the private sector. Many people will lose jobs that they took for granted under the communist government but at the same time government regulations on many businesses will be loosened in the attempt to boost the economy. Also Rahul Castro has launched a few free-market reforms since he has taken over as president.
In the video that goes along with the article, the reporter shows the general population of Cuba while they are going on with their every day lives. She interviews a few people and asks them how they think the lay offs are going to affect them. She also shows the everyday activities like people getting their hair cut, farmers on tractors going through their fields, and waitresses serving food to the people. All of these people will be affected by the lay offs and that will in turn affect everyone else relying on these services. Although these lay offs will be devastating to some, there are still some positive outcomes. Some workers will not be abandoned but relocated to areas of need like agriculture and construction. Also Castro has implemented programs that give unused land to private farmers and barbershops to employees so that they can continue to serve the public. Hundreds of thousands of workers will also move over to the private sector within the next couple of years. The argument that they are trying to support is that although they decided to lay off hundreds of thousands of people, the decision will ultimately better Cuba as they try to boost their economy.
The word choice of this article shows where the article is coming from. When describing the economic changes, words like drastic and unprecedented are used. This shows that the article has a negative outlook on...

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