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Cyber Bullying Synthesis Activity Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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English 102 / Synthesis Activity

Synthesis Activity
Cyberbullying matters because it’s detrimental to youth in American society and it needs to be stopped but where does the responsibility to stop cyber bullying fall? Do parents have a duty to take responsibility or should schools and government and lawmakers take responsibility? This essay will discuss who has the responsibility to stop cyber bullying.
Should parents spy on their kids to see if they are being cyber bullied? Parents do have the responsibility to prevent cyber bullying because they provide technology to their kids and have the responsibility to make sure that the technology they provide to their children is being used properly and safely. In the article Online Bullies Pull Schools into the Fray by Jan Hoffman is about how everyone can take a stand against cyber bullying and how they should do it. Hoffman says, “Children have more time to socialize on the weekends.” This knowledge concludes that parents should know what their kids are doing on the weekends. “Schools don’t have the power, it’s up to the parents to discipline their children,” Jan Hoffman says which means that making and enforcing rules would be most beneficial to children to stop bullying online. This is true to an extinct because by enforcing rules and consequences children are less likely to behave in a manner that will get them into trouble. Also, there is a concern that “Parents often say that they don’t have the technical skills to keep up with their kid’s online behavior,” but parents should know the positives and negatives of anything they give to their children (Hoffman, Jan).

National Public Radio (NPR) article “Why Spying on Our Kids to Solve Cyberbullying Might Not Work,” talks about the concern that spying is an invasion of privacy and could have a troublesome effect on free speech. What other actions are there to take though? Limiting free speech to save a child’s life and self-image key to ending cyber bullying?...

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