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Cypop 3 Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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4.4 Explain why it is important to manage transition for babies and young children

Any sort of change in the life of a child eg a new baby in the family or moving house is bound to be hard on a child emotionally, but these help children to build their resillience and give them experience of having to adapt to new situations. Child/baby may appear tearful, clingy, reluctant to part with parent/carer, withdrawn, display attention seeking behaviour.
Spending one to one time with the child/baby and preparing them for the change that will occur, or about the change that has occurred.We need to help the children/babies see the positives of the situation eg new baby=someone to play with, new house=new bedroom. Stay in close contact with the family and keep a good communication going between you so that both you and they know how the child is coping with the transition.

4.5 Explain when and why babies and young children require periods of quiet to rest and sleep
There are arguably no three things more important for a person's overall physical and mental health than eating a healthful diet, getting some form of regular exercise...and getting plenty of sleep every night.
Getting enough sleep is of course vital for babies and children, as well.
A newborn infant will sleep between 16 and 20 hours in a 24-hour period
A six-month-old requires an average of 11 hours a night, plus two daily naps totaling another 3-4 hours
A two-year-old will sleep around 13 hours, including a nap
A four-year-old sleeps from 11-12 hours, including a daily nap
A five-year-old child may or may not need a nap; his or her daily sleep requirement is 10-11 hours
Six- to eight-year-olds also require 10-11 hours, though they probably no longer need to nap
If a child is not getting enough sleep   the following are probable signs of their tiredness :they routinely fall asleep in the car when you're driving; you have to wake them up every morning; they're cranky, they are irritable, they are...

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