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Daisy Great Gatsby Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Daisy Buchanan is an upper class woman who is very attractive, enjoys the company of men, and likes to have fun.   In the fictional story The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald there are a few main characters but one of the most important characters is Daisy. She plays the important role of being Gatsby’s lover. Daisy is the reason for the book. Mr. Gatsby was in love with Daisy his whole life and finally reconnects with her as a married woman and is still in love with her.
Daisy Buchanan wants to live the American Dream, she wants to be loved and wants someone to love. Her voice was the voice of someone high class. Nick said her voice was “full of money”. Daisy loved money and loved love. Like any girl would she also loved to be a fool. She believed that all girls should be foolish and be fools.   Men really seemed to be attracted to Daisy perhaps because of her charm or maybe her hypnotizing voice. We may not know exactly why but she was a charmer she grabbed a lot of peoples attention. With he short blonde hair, sense of style and way with words everyone loved her.
Daisy was such a charmer so therefore she developed different relationships with all the males in the story. For example, her relationship with her cousin Nick was calm. Its like they almost didn’t know each other, they didn’t seem too familiar with each other. They chit chatted here and there but about the two men she had I her life. Her relationship with her husband was settle. She didn’t act the way she did with her husband as she did with Gatsby. With her husband she was almost shy and very quiet. Maybe could even be described as scared of her husband. With Gatsby she was free and normal. She didn’t have a care or worry on her mind. Daisy vented with Gatsby like he was her best friend but toyed with him like a lover. She had three main men in her life whom she probably couldn’t live without. Although she was one person she had a different character and personality when she was with...

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