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Damn It Essay

  • Submitted by: miss3z
  • on November 14, 2010
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April 27, 2010
Body Obsession: The Need to be Perfect
In today's culture there is a major dilemma on what we think is beautiful.   Models, actors and musicians alike are all encouraged to artificially preserve a youthful appearance through cosmetic surgery; as many of us look to them as role models we have begun to feel the pressure to do the same.   With all the messages delivered by the media placing an importance on our exterior appearance, society has truly begun to believe that without physical beauty happiness is nowhere to be found.  
Many people see these so called roll models on television and expect themselves to look just as perfect as they do.   Today’s youth look up to many of today’s famous actors and models and feel the need to look like them in order to get attention; causing them to become underweight.   Hilary Rowland author of Obsessed with Thin: Has the Media Gone Too Far? comments, “For most teenagers, the ideal person they want to be is a famous model or actress - and the emphasis is very much on external appearance.”   Take for example the ad that was promoted by Calvin Klein in which Kate Moss was featured and appeared, to many, to be overly thin.   According to Terrence Rafferty author of Kate Winslet, Please Save Us!, “Protestors insisted that images such as those in the Klein ad promote eating disorders in impressionable teenage girls.”   This may be part of the reason why many of our youth these days are so miserable with their outer look and are turning to extreme dieting as a solution.

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