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Dance Essay

  • Submitted by: kierjoy5
  • on November 7, 2010
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Kiersten Schwind
Erin Rehberg
Dance Appreciation - DANC 1000
9 February 2010
Carlos Saura
Today, there are many tango dance styles, including Argentine Tango, Uruguayan Tango, Ballroom tango (American and International styles), Finnish tango and vintage tangos. What many consider to be the authentic tango is closest to that originally danced in Argentina and Uruguay, though other types of tango have developed into mature dances in their own right. But in this movie of tango by Carlos Saura, it is Ballroom tango.
The beginning of the movie shows an announcer who introduces a man, Carlos. He stands and appreciates the introduction and sits back down, but the announcer goes on, in Spanish, and seems to ask him to dance. He agrees and he goes to the dance floor. Then, he asked a young women in the audience, who he was not sitting with, to join him. She smiles and agrees and everyone claps. So the two begin to dance. They dance in a big ballroom on a rather large dance floor. They use that as an advantage and dance in every area. The music was live on stage by a big band.
What is the true meaning of this story? I believe that the older man has practiced with the young women to present this dance to this group of people. It would give the impression that it is an honor for this young woman to dance, and keep up with him. She did a great job, kept eye-to-eye with him, was not too strong with her moves but instead she was soft, and did fancy footwork of her own. While they were dancing you could not tell who was leading or who was in charge. But according to tango history, the men always lead. I suppose the man was in charge, he seemed to have more experience, and he asked her to dance, which put him in control.
The movie does not show any relation between the two, they do not even sit beside each other. But when they dance together it gives the impression that they practiced together for a long time. He challenges her with this dance and she maintains...

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