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Darwin's Theories Of Evolution Essay

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Darwin’s Theories of Evolution
Throughout time many people have heard or thought of different ways to explain the reasons for developmental change. Some felt it was a higher power changing the appearance and the chemical makeup of different species to adapt to the ever-changing world around them. Charles Darwin was a man of great intellect, among many other things. It is hard to believe at a young age, Darwin extremely disliked school; when he started to study animals and insects, everything clicked. He was best known for his theories of evolution.
Throughout his schooling, Charles Darwin was aboard a ship sailing in different seas. The ship was called, “The Beagle [and it] was chartered for a five-year mapping and collecting expedition to South America and the South Pacific. Darwin's job as ship naturalist was to collect specimens, make observations, and keep careful records of anything he observed that he thought significant. At the beginning of the voyage Darwin read a geology book given to him by Henslow.” (Darwin’s Theory) On his time about the ship he was indeed collecting valuable information that would greatly help the team that was chartering the boat. While on it, he even had come to a conclusion that natural disasters such as earthquakes can change the landscape of any given place. Further more, while on the charter, the ship stopped at the Galapagos Islands where Charles Darwin made a groundbreaking discovery.
While on the islands, Darwin found that finches were different from those he previously knew as the common breed. Many professionals have talked about his findings:
The Galápagos Islands have species found in no other part of the world, though similar ones exist on the west coast of South America.  Darwin was struck by the fact that the birds were slightly different from one island to another.  He realized that the key to why this difference existed was connected with the fact that the various species live in different kinds of...

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