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Deaf For 8 Hours Essay

  • Submitted by: Allymarie1121
  • on October 28, 2010
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When selecting a time of day for my “Deaf For Eight Hours” project I decided to be “deaf” for the busiest section of my day. This event took place on March. 24th, 2010 starting at noon. I had no idea that this would impact my life or my perception of the Deaf world so dramatically, but what I learned will forever stay with me.
When noon struck I was working the desk at Kerr Hall. I simulated being deaf by wearing thick ear plugs that helped block most of the major noises of day to day life. I had previously informed my coworkers that at this time I would be unavailable to answer any calls at the front desk, I had a friend come down and sit with me to take the calls that were received. All other visitors or people with questions who came to the desk were directed to me.
The next part of my time was spent in 3 different classrooms, one of which was very dependent on class participation/communication. I informed my teachers that I was doing a project for class and for that not to halt them in teaching or asking me questions. This proved to be a very difficult part of my day, and challenged my academics even further.
After finishing class, around 5pm, I went out to dinner with friends who knew I was doing the project. We went to go eat at Olive Garden in Lufkin, and proceeded to have an even more challenging time. Between my friends “trying” to order for me, and making the process much more complicated then simply writing on a napkin.
The most interesting part of the night was being pulled over while driving from Lufkin back to Nacogdoches for speeding. This was extremely nerve racking especially when trying to inform the police officer of the situation. After the situation was thoroughly explained I was only let off with a warning and a great deal of fear and anxiety left coursing through my veins. The drive home after that went smoothly and quietly,
This project brought about a whole new level of discovery into my life. Although on a daily basis my mind is...

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