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Dealing with Phobias Essay

  • Submitted by: iqbro93
  • on November 25, 2012
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Phobias, irrational fears arising from traumatic childhood experiences or from some kind of unpleasant precedence, can be extremely debilitating and unreasonably inhibiting in daily life for individuals afflicted. Often otherwise normal, functional human beings, once made aware of the phobic subject, victims of the disorder will psychologically and/or physically display symptoms of withdrawal, fear, and terror. For instance, people suffering from severe arachnophobia will be terrified at even the thought or image of a spider, and in the presence of one will seek refuge and shelter as far away from the spider as possible. Cold sweats, shivering, adrenaline rushes and physiological terror are also commonly seen in phobia sufferers encountering their phobic subject. Phobias are often treated using the behavioral model of psychology: common methods include modeling, which involves the sufferer observing another person interacting with the phobia source (i.e. interacting with spiders in front of an arachnophobe, etc.) in a relaxing way, to the point where the subject no longer associates fear with the phobic stimulus; exposure, which involves putting the patient into close proximity with the stimulus in a nonthreatening environment repeatedly, to the point where fear is no longer a response to the stimulus; and systematic desensitization, which trains the patient to calm down and, over a period of time, slowly become acclimated to the phobic stimulus. This article suggests that the use of medication, the stress hormone cortisol in particular, is capable of increasing the effectiveness of fighting phobias with behavioral methods and increasing tolerance of phobic stimulants.
One Dr. Dominique de Quervain, a cognitive neuroscientist based out of the University of Basel, located in Switzerland, conducted the study in question in this article. The University of Basel funded the study in its entirety. The study was published in the international journal, Proceedings of the...

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